Saturday, May 24, 2008

BlogCampDelhi - Live post Part II

Well this is the second part of the "live" post at BlogCampDelhi a.k.a @blogcampdelhi. We had some session by Mohit Maheshwari of TonicTag who talked on monetising and AdSense. It was a interesting talk on various channels and methodologies to monetise blogs. Though it seems some like @labnol did not agree AdSense should have been talked at BlogCampDelhi. Then we had a quick note by Sorabh Jerath on services which help blogger to promote their blogs. Next a very interesting talk on micro-blogging with focus on Twitter by @baxiabhishek. Had a very interesting conversation on various things like "tracking" where I gave @ceetee as an example where his girl friend tracks his. He is going to kill me!!! Last was by @mayankgupta on SEO tricks. He was one the lucid and clear speakers here.
You can watch the pics at

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