Monday, January 8, 2018

What is Shu Ha Ri in Agile/Scrum ??

Sometime back a colleague had shared a post online on the concept and also an interesting scale to measure self as Scrum Master & Agile Coach in #Agile #Scrum methodology.
This piqued my interest in what is exactly “#Shu #Ha #Ri” in Scrum/Agile context and got me thinking how it will help the Scrum Masters??
So some quick facts & info about it which I found during my research on this subject:-
  1. The concept of Shu Ha Ri comes from the Japanese martial art of Aikido
  2. Alistair Cockburn introduced it as a way of thinking about learning techniques and methodologies for software development.
  3. Shu-Ha-Ri is a way of thinking about how you learn a technique.
  4. The Shu Har Ri concept can be used to consider what qualities make a great ScrumMaster? And what does a ScrumMaster do in each state?
  5. The idea is that a person passes through three stages of gaining knowledge:
    1. Shu: In this beginning stage the student follows the teachings of one master precisely. He concentrates on how to do the task, without worrying too much about the underlying theory. If there are multiple variations on how to do the task, he concentrates on just the one way his master teaches him.
    2. Ha: At this point, the student begins to branch out. With the basic practices working he now starts to learn the underlying principles and theory behind the technique. He also starts learning from other masters and integrates that learning into his practice.
    3. Ri: Now the student isn’t learning from other people but from his own practice. He creates his own approaches and adapts what he’s learned to his own particular circumstances.
  6. Now, this idea in Scrum methodology can be taken up as follows:
    1. In the Shu state, the ScrumMaster sets up the process, helps the team get to a sustainable pace with known velocity and uses the Retrospective to introduce a change that improves velocity.
    2. In the Ha state, the ScrumMaster has a team that gets software done (all features tested and no bugs) at the end of the sprint and has a good product owner with ready backlog at the beginning of a sprint, has data that clearly show at least a doubling of productivity, and has strong management support. The team is positioned to work on hyperproductivity, the design goal of Scrum.
    3. In the Ri state, the team is hyperproductive. But what is the ScrumMaster doing and do you really need one? You need the ScrumMaster but they don’t have to do much essentially.
  7. It essentially help you on how to make a Scrum Team so self-organized that it can function WITHOUT a Scrum Master also (Yes, quite a radical idea!! J )
Reference Links and More info:-
  1. – Jeff Sutherland
  2. – Martin Fowler
  3. – Alistair Cockburn

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Marshall Goldsmith - One of the world's top Leadership coach gives best leadership advise!

Marshall Goldsmith, the management & leadership Guru, is a best selling author, his most popular book being "What Got You Here Won't Get You There" and one of the world's top 5 business coaches according to Forbes Magazine

In the following video interview, he gives the best leadership advise and elaborates on his world famous "FeedForward" Tool which helps Leaders to make better business decisions with confidence and they gain an important edge with proven, effective assessment tools.

He blogs here at and his talks along with his resources can be found here -

Monday, September 14, 2009

Puja Tweetup Kolkata

So Puja is near. That blissful time of the year when there is literally magic in air and people forget everything to get immersed in the spirit of the festival that is Durga Puja.
A time when Kolkata becomes a center of attraction and the city resembles a big mad carnival!

A time, when bongs of the world come back to their land of fore-fathers, and bengalis of the city, remember their old.

So what would be the best time other than this to have a tweetup for all the #twitterbongs & non-bongs alike to gather & share fun and the spirit of Puja in #kolkata & also enjoy in each others company.

So please RSVP for the #pujatweetup here:
Puja Tweetup Kolkata (via @arjunghosh)

Where? Maddox Square
Kolkata, India

When? Sep 27, 2009
2:30pm - 5pm

After an extensive online voting here at @twitter, Maddox Square was chosen as the best popular location to have the #pujatweetup.

Direction to Maddox Square can be found here:

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Friday, September 11, 2009

Startup Saturday, Kolkata 12th September,2009

So it here finally. After a long time in Kolkata, we are again having Startup Saturday.

You can follow the event live on Twitter chatter here. And also follow the event here at @headstartdotin or @startupsaturday or @blogcampkolkata or me
You can follow as well as live tweet using the hashtag #sskol
If you are on Facebook you can get information here. If you follow Upcoming at Yahoo! then you can get info here. If on Linkedin you get the info here.


Startup Saturday is an initiative by Headstart to provide entrepreneurs in each city with a monthly community driven forum that is structured in agenda but open in discussions. A Startup Saturday provides a forum for entrepreneurs to discuss, present, network and learn from peers, prospective customers, adopters, partners and investors.

The fundamental idea is to have all parts of the innovation ecosystem interact with each other with high frequency and through rich conversation. We strongly believe that this would lead to faster evolution of the entire ecosystem.


Every Second Saturday of every month.
The next is on 12th of September, 2009 at 3:00 PM.


Globsyn Business School
Globsyn Crystals,
XI, 11 & 12, Block EP, Sector V,
Salt Lake Electronics Complex

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Who, What?

The September Startup Saturday will host the following talks:

  • The IT/ITeS Industry & the Ecosystem of Kolkata and its near future
    Dr. G.D. Gautama, Principal Secretary, Dept. of Power & Non-conventional Energy Sources ­
  • Launch of seeders, an Angel Fund and Incubation
  • Talk by Mr. Abhishek Rungta
  • Showcase by Education startup SpiritContinues
  • Talk by Mr. Charanjeet Singh
    ­Managing Director, Eastern Energy Limited (New Jersey). Ex-president of IEEE, South Alberta, Canada.
  • 4 StartupCamp Pitches
    Investors for September: seeders
  • ,


For any queries or questions, please contact:

  • Manish Sonkar
    +91 9899681684
  • Mitesh Ashar
    +91 9830988781
  • Arjun Ghosh
    +91 9007672147

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fight over the pure *Evil* Delight!

[Picture Originally uploaded by stephiedasgupta]

Yep....that *Evil* delight is called "Sizzling Brownie", the one in the center of the table at Cafe Coffee Day at Camac Street, Kolkata, on which both @makghosh aka Arindam Ghosh and @iMBA aka Mitesh Ashar have their eyes on :) and me i.e. @arjunghosh aka Arjun Ghosh watching from the center & @artagnon aka Ram was looking from side.

We went to this place after we had our Kolkata Hookah Tweetup at Aqua Java on Wood St. Now Aqua Java has a Hookah joint upstairs. Believe me or not but this was my first experience with Hookah...atleast any lounge variety-type Hookah. It seemed a bit lame after all that I have already tried! :D But was fun.

We actually had to cut short our TweetUp there, as the electricity at the place suddenly went off, and the room was slowly seeming to turn into & look like a over smoky den of evil with very very low visibility!

So when we came outside, @stephiedg [@indradg other half :)] took a fancy to have a ice-cream! And hence we land up at the place above and the pic! :)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

US-only limitation on Google Voice bypassed for India!

Well at least that's what my friend Sarfaraz Hassan claims he has done! I am yet to verify it personally, but well I trust him on this.
Well to tell the truth, he has also not been able to *actually* bypass it - what he though can is receive and make free calls to US from desktop at least for now :)
Have to wait for full service to start here in India.

So from the horses mouth itself, on what he did to work around the restriction of US-only limitation for Google Voice.
  1. Toughest part: Get an Google Voice Invite first :) from here
  2. Find a US-based proxy server (or use ultrasurf 9.5 and IE, other browsers wont work) [Mostly not to leave a trail]
  3. Get a free US incoming number from or using the proxy
  4. Open Google Voice invitation using proxy and follow instructions
Note of caution here: Sipgate client doesn't work in India.

So it took my friend 4 hours to do the above, but he claims that it should take anybody just under an hour as the steps are out there now :)

So give it a try, and do tell if it worked for you.