Thursday, July 23, 2009

US-only limitation on Google Voice bypassed for India!

Well at least that's what my friend Sarfaraz Hassan claims he has done! I am yet to verify it personally, but well I trust him on this.
Well to tell the truth, he has also not been able to *actually* bypass it - what he though can is receive and make free calls to US from desktop at least for now :)
Have to wait for full service to start here in India.

So from the horses mouth itself, on what he did to work around the restriction of US-only limitation for Google Voice.
  1. Toughest part: Get an Google Voice Invite first :) from here
  2. Find a US-based proxy server (or use ultrasurf 9.5 and IE, other browsers wont work) [Mostly not to leave a trail]
  3. Get a free US incoming number from or using the proxy
  4. Open Google Voice invitation using proxy and follow instructions
Note of caution here: Sipgate client doesn't work in India.

So it took my friend 4 hours to do the above, but he claims that it should take anybody just under an hour as the steps are out there now :)

So give it a try, and do tell if it worked for you.

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