Monday, May 19, 2008

BlogCamp at Delhi on May 24th, 2008

We have had BarCamps, TwitterCamps, MoboCamps at Delhi where all seem to have Blogging section as part of the Camp. But it seem this is the first time a Camp has been secifically organized for and about Blogging. It seem Amit, Abhishek, Ajay , who are old hand in the world of blogging, are one of the planners. So am sure its going to be good and fun. According to the claim on Prashant, this is the first time an exclusive Blog Camp is being held. So let see.

The Site:-

24th May 2008 (Saturday)

Microsoft Corp
5th Floor, Eros Towers
Nehru Place, New Delhi

Schedule for the Day(As mentioned on the Wiki. Please check on the wiki site for latest info):-
Log On - 9.30 am
Lunch Break - 1.30 pm (45 min)
Log Off - 5.30 pm

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