Saturday, May 24, 2008

BlogCampDelhi - Live post Part I

Well first was a little late to land up here...well had a late night. And I start the notebook, connect to blogcampdelhi wi-fi n/ the firefox....and wolla NO INTERNET!!!....well good thing was, meet up with my twitter buddies @baxiabhishek and @amitgupta. It seems that Microsoft has very very secure n/w here and though @abhishekkant tried a lot but could not have a public connection up. So am now using @baxiabhishek notebook on which there is Internet connection. Well you see being MS employee has some advantages :).
Anyways, am impressed with the MS office. This is definitely much better environment than the last Camp I have been too...
Well I was just in time for a session by @abhishekkant on Corporate Blogging. His main example was of course MS as he works there but he pointed out lot of interesting views about corporate blogging and its challenges. Like the issue like IP, legal, etc. Nice talk and Abhishek is a good speaker. That is one thing I sometimes find lagging. Bloggers are of course good writer, but very few are good speaker and over and above a good presenter.
Next had a quick note by a guy on blogging terminology. But he could not finish as lunch time was there and his talk unfortunately also got lost.
Lunch was a quick affair with McDonald's veg burgers and coke. Had time to chat up with @amitgupta and @baxiabhishek. Interesting thing was I knew them for long but only on Twitter!!! Good to meet them in real life...
Next had a session on Photo Blogging by @amitgupta where he gave a very lucid explanation on why Blogs are better place to showcase your pictures than say a service like Flickr or Picassa. Main point was that these service are photo-sharing services primarily and not for photo blogs. I added my two bit to the discussion on why professional photographer or journalist shy away from these services due to copyright issue and prefer there own photo-blogs.
Right now a session by Mohit Maheshwari of TonicTags on monetising blogs via various channels.

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Amit said...

The photo-blogging session did have some questions(like yours) on which a discussion can be continued & I'd like to do so. Due to time restraints those discussions could not go on at the BlogCamp. Will soon publish a post on my blog on this. Watch for it ! :)