Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Twitter has gone loco! Has blocked @replies

Ok, the Title of this blog post is not completely correct. Twitter has *NOT* blocked @replies. According to this "Small" Notice on Twitter's Blog, well read it yourselves:
"However, receiving one-sided fragments via replies sent to folks you don't follow in your timeline is undesirable. Today's update removes this undesirable and confusing option."
So what it actually means, is that from now on, you can't see @replies to tweeps if u r not following them. This essentially take out the "Social" from the "Social Networking & Discovery" ease of @twitter.

Twitter's biggest asset was being able to find & connect to new like-minded people out there very very easily!

Three reasons can come to mind - first reason, as per their blog post, people actually gave a feedback that they don't like this feature and its irritating. Now who was @twitter talking to ?

From the barrage of outcry on @twitter (using the hashtag #fixreplies ) and in online blog world, it seems they have been talking to wrong people. #fixreplies is the top trending topic in @twitter itself. That should give them some idea what TWorld is thinking.

There is even a website for following all the chatter (damn! it was fast. I should have thought of it sooner) -

Second reason may be technical. That something was being done with architecture, that removing this feature was necessary. If so, Why not say so. @twitter you have been truthful and we the fan have been with you through your darkest hours. So why not the truth. Maybe @al3x can tell us about it.

Third reason may be a business decision - maybe due to some secret reason, which will benefit @twitter in long terms, they are doing this. (Though I very well don't see how )

Well there can be a last reason also. Like the this blog title says - Twitter has gone Loco!, bonkers, plain STUPID! Well that for @ev & @biz to tell.

Well finally, only thing I, @arjunghosh can say is that - Twitter we are your FANS, not very famous or anything, but still your Fans. Treat us with some respect. Listen to what we have to say. Go #fixreplies soon.


Swap said...

Alex or @TwitterAPI) isn't responsible for this, Twitter Operations is. Anyway, this does look like one of the biggest protest against twitter. We should hear something from them tomorrow.

Thanks for mentioning :P

Arjun said...

No problem @swap