Saturday, May 23, 2009

"Terminator 4 Salvaltion" - Its Back!! and its trailer...

It so Kick Ass!!!...
"Terminator Salvation" seems its going to the official trailer seems to indicate. Love the fact that Christian Bale is playing a lead role. He in Batman was awesome and hope to enjoy him in this new version of Terminator too.
In fact "Terminator" is one longest running (25 years!) and most successful franchise in movie history created by James Cameron
Who can ever forget dialogue "Hasta la vista, baby!" or "I'll be back." as said by Arnold Schwarzenegger
Or how those cool Si-Fi concepts and ultra cool Robots, inspired generations to come, to go into science & robotics. Well it did inspire me :)
Also (and this may be mundane and trivial to some) my first *adult* content movie was Terminator 2. Remember the scene between Sara Connor & John Connor's Dad. Yeah that's the one. I still remember the day when me and my cousins sat down to see it just for it :)
Also my introduction to world of hacking & phishing was through this movie. remember the scene in T2 when John Connor is hacking into some eases ATM account with a portable computer. That was way cool at that time around 90's

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