Friday, September 19, 2008

Twitter has become a dude. Gone through a Make Over

Twitter, that loved (sometimes hated) kid on the social networking block, seems growing up into a cool handsome dude. It has gone through a major re-design. Lot more AJAxiness, new UI reflecting better usability. It seems people at Twitter HQ are now putting close attention to details, beside the Scotch!! :)

Well the changes to twitter are mostly "cosmetic". The top tabs have gone

and they are now re-aligned to the right panel, which I think is a intelligent decision. This will give them more "real estate" to expand on future features.

Also, I feel that Twitter has now space on the lower right panel for Advertisement, which should start the revenue stream for Twitter (Even if they don't need it after their last round of investments).

I beleive twitter can have very useful focused advertisements, like for a particular twitter channel/group. This will not even intrude on the overall experience of using the twitter, if place in the empty right hand side "real estate". Intentionally or un-intentionally, this is a better way forward for twitter.

You can read about the whole list of changes at the official twitter blog.

But still have some request of mine also for @twitter: Firstly, want the "re-tweet" facility which most twitter client like Twhirl has. Secondly, want the search for twitter integrated into the dashboard itself. The guys at @twitter don't even have to create a new feature - just link up the existing site and make it part of the Twitter dashboard.

Twitter has been doing a lot well - much less @failwhale (though i miss it!!), less data errors, etc. It just need to go that much more. Otherwise, others like Yammer, which is essentially "Twitter for Business" will move first on new idea, which I feel essentially Twitter should have implemented. Incidentally, Yammer won the top prize at TechCrunch50 and thats lost opportunity for Twitter. So this re-design is going to help Twitter, but they have to do more.

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Rosevictor said...

well At lease me @rosevictor I love it easy to navigate but why did they have to take away the peole search near you signed out on twitter why ?