Friday, September 19, 2008

Delhi Tweetup - meet for Delhi's twitterati/bloggers/microbloggers

This was on my wish list for long time - a Delhi TweetUp.
In fact I had been pestering @twilightfairy for long for this and that too where else - on Twitter.

And recently she granted my wish :)

I was introduced to this new "micro-blogging" fairly recently (a few months) due to some work related twitter integration I had to do. Initially was skeptical about twitter, thinking about it as *just another mashup* to integrate via Twitter API.
Well then I realized - I like this new social and new media Tool! It became an alternative to my blogging urges and much easier. In fact twitter is the reason that that I have doing less blogging now. Well its micro-blogging.
Also another reason as the instant audience you had for your post or as we say in twitterville - "tweets". As twitter is like a perpetual chat, I met lot of like minded people and had many many interesting conversation, ranging from music, movies, bikes, girls to technology,gadgets,books,etc.
I made for the first time online friends actually. Never did it with other social networking sites like Orkut or Facebook. There, it was mostly real-world friends. And now these Twittervile friends of mine connected with me at other places online like my facebook, my lastfm, my books, my pictures, etc.

So I definitely wanted to meet all these interesting people from Twitterville. And everyone shares the same notion as me, can come to the Delhi TweetUp tomorrow. If no friends to meet, then just to know about this wonderful social tool called Twitter and make new friends!! :)

: 20th September, 2008 (Saturday), 5pm - 8pm

Venue : Incube Business Centre
18, Nehru Place,
New Delhi, 110019 , # +91-11-3061 4401

You can register here, and on facebook too.

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