Thursday, February 14, 2008

Web Pioneers - The old websites which made what Internet is today

A interesting list of pioneering website, which gave birth to what we now know as World Wide Web and Internet. This interesting mix of websites brings a wisp of nostalgia for people who have been following the Internet from the start. I personally still remember the days when I brought the Internet for dummies to learn about this whole new world. I also remember the days here in India when I payed 120 buck!!!(ya its in rupees, but for a kid in 8th standard, that was princely sum) to surf the Internet at my local cyber-cafe. I just went crazy with it. It opened up a new world, much better than pen pals,etc. I still remember the dial up connection with its weird alien like sound that the dialer made to connect to Internet. Viewing these sites brought a smile...

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