Thursday, January 31, 2008

Mittal, Ambanis in Forbes top 10 list

Recognition of Wealth creation and success of Indians. This shows that Indians have finally arrived on the global scene.The biggest indicator is The mega global acquisition by Indian companies like Corus by Tatas, Accelor by Mittals(though strictly not an India based firm) , Luxury car brands Jags and Land Rover to be acquired by Tatas again. This is but a few example. The list goes on like Mahindras, Ranbaxy,etc. We can say that the "Golden Age" of Indian economy is back which has been growing at a steady rate of 8 to 9% year on year, even though not at the spread of Chinese economy. Only blooper in the party is the recession in U.S. as lot of company are dependent on the U.S. economy. But then thats true for whole of the world :)

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