Friday, February 23, 2007

Are we Mad to travel by Bus in Delhi?

Recently i joined a new company(as i mentioned in the prev post) and it is located quite far far from the place i live(my manger manish may dispute this point...) and as sadly i don't have any vehicle of my own(that this age...though i am planning to buy one...well i am digressing), i have use the "Great Public Transport" a.k.a THE BUS, both public and private. Incidentally where my office is located is only a temp is going to be shifted. The buses in Delhi drive like all hell has been let loose. Like yesterday when i was returning home in bus 764, there was another 764 right behind our bus....and then started the eternal battle which is always played out on the streets of most Metros and in its wake leaves shaken nerves, bad moods and a headache. The buses compete like they are gladiators of old roman times. The stops at the Bus Stops becomes like a pit stop in a F1 have to jump of or onto the bus...and if you miss...well we will always miss you!!!. Government is (has and will be) thinking of introducing High Capacity Bus System...there is one only one a short route...people say the problem is with government, infrastructure,etc but main problem is the attitude of the drivers/conductors...and not only of the buses...also other transports prevalent in india like auto...when that changes, something will happen...

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Kaushik Jha said...

enjoy traveling,arjun.its good experience me too for writing on internet.its a global ,we can access it from any where,other people also aware to my thought.good its really good